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Etchings of the Snowy Vale Assassin

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Birthdate:Mar 14
Snowy Vale Maiden

Eye Color: Icy Blue Height: 6'2"

Xue'Kol (Chu - ee - Kohl) is shorter than your average troll. Standing just above six feet, this trolless is slender and graceful. Having more of a runner build, you can tell this troll could easily excel at acrobatics.

Aside from the typical troll traits, you can tell she has a minty green skin tone, easily enhancing the fairness of her skin visually. Her hair is the soothing color of snow, with a few mint colored strands. Usually kept lose, her hair is soft to the touch. She has a small crescent birthmark right above her upper right thigh.

Xue is usually quiet and tends to mind her own business, often seen daydreaming on some mountain or anywhere high she could reach depending on where she is at. She can be sociable but only when approached and only if she deemed you trustworthy, chances are she was already studying you from whatever place she had perched up on.

A simple girl she doesn't look past her teens yet, possibly late teens. Her face is warm if anything, always searching and curious, and her eyes are a bright icy blue, almost looks like they glow in the moonlight.

The more nature types could tell she has a strong affinity to the water element.

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